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Sep 14, 2018

If you are employing this module to handle a Grizzly OpenStack deployment that was set up using a development release of the modules or are attempting an upgrade from Folsom then you will will need to make positive you set the token_format to UUID at classification time.Rocky also introduces new FPGA functionality in Cyborg to boost machine understanding Masakari can now monitor internal errors inside an instance Octavia, the load balancing project, adds support for user datagram protocol (UDP), popular in the telecommunications business TripleO, the project that enables customers to upgrade directly to the latest OpenStack version, has exited beta and is ready for production deployments.With a massive number of adjustments in the database, price and time to full differential backup is comparable to that of full database backup, so there is no actual benefit to differential backup in this case instead, it can boost database restore time.It uploads the raw disk to glance when making an image When booting an instance from a glance image, it downloads the image and streams it into the disk which is attached to the compute VM. The OpenStack Foundation, which homes the open-source cloud infrastructure project of the very same name, nowadays announced its 17th release. The OpenStack Rocky release is nevertheless under active improvement.

We're afraid at what we're going to obtain in the South Gyre, but we've got to go there,” stated Tony Haymet. The bare-metal improvements came simply because some openstack rocky enterprises are deploying containers straight on bare metal in addition to placing them on VMs. Zun relies on Openstack's core solutions to take care of matters such as networking, storage and authentication, meaning developers can just concentrate on building and maintaining their apps.LOCI gives an option to the current OpenStack Kola project, which Bryce stated has a additional full packaging approach for every container image.And then we've produced a custom tool to drive this per-service configuration called The tool supports using the facts above in a Json file format drive generation of the config files in a single action.

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It seemed to me that there are two conflicting goals right here: 1) To not break current users of OpenStack APIs and two) To make it less complicated for customers to consume new functionality added in extra recent microversions of OpenStack APIs. The agenda for OpenStack Summit Berlin, Nov 13-15, is now live and options 100+ sessions addressing a lot more than 35 open source projects.Ansible is employed to replace the communication and transport of the application configuration deployment data amongst Heat and the Heat agent (os-collect-config) on the overcloud nodes. The libvirt and xenapi compute drivers now have (experimental) native help for virtual GPU devices. The new schedulerworkers configuration alternative defaults to ncpu workers if applying the filter_scheduler scheduler driver. The configuration of oslo.messaging services has been updated in the rocky release.

Pike release and have been removed in the 17.. Ceph clusters deployed with Ocata by way of puppet-ceph will be migrated so that all of the current Ceph services are run inside of containers.There you can find a lot more details for managing the snaps, such as overriding default configs, restarting services, setting up aliases, and additional. The OpenStack Magnum project, which enables customers to run Kubernetes container pods, is set to benefit from new cluster-healing capabilities in the Rocky release.